Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Considered a photography marvel, must-see landmark, and a site to promote cultural awareness, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (also known as the Grand Mosque) in Abu Dhabi reigns in a shroud of pure splendor. It continues to be a widely admired place to visit for many around the world as many leave in awe of its scale and magnificence.


When you enter the premises, you cannot help but gaze wondrously at its intricate twenty-four karat gold design, Swarovski adorned chandeliers, the largest carpet rug in the world that lays in the main prayer hall, and the structure’s marble exterior hue that emulates light. The endless columns spanning over a thousand support the near eighty domes that top the architecture.


The late president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, commissioned the project, which was completed in 2007. He is buried at the grounds of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The purpose of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was to have an architectural icon for visitors to have an understanding of the religion, instruct others about its civilization and arts, be a place of worship, and to actively encourage diversity. Many countries and international artisans were involved in the design and construction of the site.