Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge, Oklahoma City

When it first opened in June of 2016, the 21c Museum Hotel in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City was already a budding concept in several second tier cities throughout the United States. Mesmerizing guests with its ingenious combination of distinctive art galleries, revitalized historic buildings, and eclectic interiors, the 21 Museum Hotels have been quite the place you would want to be caught hanging around at. The Oklahoma City location is no different, and to top it off, it houses the Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge restaurant, with savory dishes prepared by executive chef Jason Campbell.


Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge is defined by plush, jeweled toned seats, industrial styled bar counter tops and stools, unique artwork springing up on walls here and there, and of course, the infamous penguin statues made from recycled materials. Even the table seats are re-purposed as well, each composed of 111 recycled coke bottles.


The seasonally, evolving brunch menu did not disappoint either. With ingredients sourced locally and simple dishes added with a little bit of flair and surprise, our omelettes, pancakes, and sandwiches hit the spot. Kenneth, our server, enlightened us with his French press knowledge, and as we chatted we discovered he had transferred from the Bentonville location, the only one of the 21c Museum Hotels that was built from the ground up. He told us about how each penguin statue is a different color for each location. For example, Oklahoma City is represented by a purple penguin, while Bentonville with green, and Lexington with blue. Another attribute that gives the 21c Museum Hotels their signature mark. We noticed that young ones dining in the restaurant each had a life size penguin statue accompanying them as they ate. The penguins’ presence seemed to make every guests’, not just the children’s, experience that much more fun.


As we left Mary Eddy’s with satisfied stomachs, we ventured on into the adjoining building of the 21c Hotel to view the exquisite, contemporary art gallery that is open and free to the public. But more on that later.